Tips on Ways of Writing a Short Story.

You need to write a story which will be read by many people which means that it should be captivating. When writing a story, you need to come up with a scenario of what you need to write about which can be in one or two sentences. It helps to guide you on the type of short story you want to write. The scenario should be about something which is unforgettable. Here's a good read about short story, check this website out!

You should consider knowing where you will publish your story. Some people publish their short stories in magazines, some in literary journals, some in writing contents and some writing websites. Each of the publication has a form of format which has to be followed for your story to be published. Therefore, the reason you have to decide on your publication is that of the format; you will be using when writing your short story. It helps to ensure that you follow all the needed rules for formatting for that specific publication. For example, the number of word counts for your short story should follow the publication you will use. To gather more awesome ideas, click here to get started. 

You need to find the focus of your story.  Story focus is the setting of your story. That is where the events of the story, do occur. Some people would set their story to happen in a city others in a rural area while others on a beach. Some would use the present time while others would use the past times. Therefore, you need to consider setting your story for it to be captivating.

You need to outline your characters. You will have the main character controlling your story, but still, you need other characters to make the story captivating. You should consider determining the conflict of the story to make it captivating. The characters should be well described by their physical appearance, their personality which will decide whether they are likable or unlikable by the readers. You can state their occupation and even their interests. A character has to be described well to create a vivid picture in the readers' mind on how the character looks to bring your story to reality. You need to ensure that each character has a role on that story for your story to be interesting. Kindly visit this website https://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/writing-tips  for more useful reference. 

When writing a short story, you have to determine who will be telling the story. Some stories can choose the first person, some second person while others the third person.